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40 years dedicated to horse care.

Wetmore Stables at Rogers Creek has all the amenities including a magnetic blanket and foot pad, class 5 laser, whirlpool boots, etc. An expandable surgical round pen is also on site for a horse's first turn out after stall rest.


Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Therapy and recovery planning formulated with input from the owner, trainer, veterinarian, blacksmith

  • Tailored feeding programme

  • Communication with all attending professionals to insure proper management

  • Customized turn out

  • Grooming and bathing

  • Hoof and wound care

  • Wrapping of legs, cold hosing, icing, etc.

  • Customized administration of medications and supplements

  • Hand walking - we do not use a motorized walker

  • Stretching and isometric exercises

  • Start back under saddle


Call :  416-417-8424

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